Line Art Character Sheet


A personalized, full-body fully line art illustration of your character on my custom character sheet!

Once payment is complete you’ll receive a “descriptions sheet” and then send over all of your descriptions, and I’ll get started! Message me if you have any questions! (:

A personalized, full-body line art commission of your character on my custom character sheet that can be printed off and played with at the table!

To all those nerds out there (like myself) who love to play Dungeons & Dragons and want to see their characters illustrated, look no further! I'm the gal for the job! I go by Bubblelazer online, but you can call me Bubble (: I have done board game art, podcast art (shout out to The Dungeoncast, Superquest Saga and Shocking Gasp!) but my real passion lies in bringing nerdy people's D&D characters to life!
I have been drawing D&D characters professionally for 3 years and I have been drawing all of the characters from my D&D campaigns for many many years before that. I have drawn fight scenes, individual characters, monsters, tokens, you name it! So here's what I need from you. I need your character's-
  • Race
  • Class
  • Sex
  • Background
  • Alignment
and any other character description you want!
Remember, the more description I have of your character the better it will look!

Thank you for choosing to support my work! I'm excited to bring your characters to life! 😀

Once payment is complete you'll email me your character's description and I'll get started! Message me if you have any questions! (:


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