Large Party Illustration (6-8)


A personalized, full-body fully colored illustration of your party! (6-8 characters)

Below are listed all of the extras and add-ons!

Once payment is complete you’ll receive a “descriptions sheet” and then send over all of your descriptions, and I’ll get started! Message me if you have any questions! (:


Background or Scene

I will draw your characters with an illustrated background scene or setting such as a tavern, city, or battle!

Character Sheets For All!

In addition to the group piece, I will deliver each of your characters on custom character sheets that can be be printed and played with at the table!

Title or Typography

I will add a title or large typography to the illustration.

Large Creatures (+$25.00)

I will add a Large creature or mount to the illustration. “Large” being the creature’s official size in the Monster Manual.

Creatures, Familiars and Mounts (+$15.00)

I will add a Medium or Small creature, familiar or mount to the illustration. “Medium” or “Small” being the creature’s official size in the Monster Manual. Tiny creatures are free.

Additional Figures (+$95.00)

I will add additional characters to the piece beyond the up to eight that are already included.

     To all those nerds out there (like myself) who love to play Dungeons & Dragons and want to see their characters illustrated, look no further! I'm the gal for the job! I go by Bubblelazer online, but you can call me Bubble (: I have done board game art, podcast art (shout out to The Dungeoncast, Superquest Saga and Shocking Gasp!) but my real passion lies in bringing nerdy people's D&D characters to life! I have been drawing D&D characters professionally for 3 years and I have been drawing all of the characters from my D&D campaigns for many many years before that. I have drawn fight scenes, individual characters, monsters, tokens, you name it! So here's what I need from you. I need your character's-
  • Race
  • Class
  • Sex
  • Background
  • Alignment
and any other character description you want!
Remember, the more description I have of your character the better it will look!

Thank you for choosing to support my work! I'm excited to bring your characters to life! 😀 Once payment is complete I'll have you send over all of your descriptions and I'll get started! Message me if you have any questions! (:


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